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Your purchases help support leadership, prevention and entrepreneurship for Lakota Youth!


LYD Sticker


Show your support for Lakota Youth Development by styling your laptop, car window, and/or water bottle for our new sticker!

Pure - Raw Honey produced by Lakota Youth!

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Squeeze bottle

One pint (1.5 lbs)

One quart (3 lbs.)

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8 oz Bottle.

Our honey and other beeswax products are produced in South Dakota by Lakota Youth society members. These young and promising entrepreneurs share many responsibilities from raising and caring for the bees to producing and manufacturing of the final product. 

This project not only motivates the Native American youth, it also nurtures the community and local environment.


It is a way to help Grandmother Earth through developing the bee population in South Dakota and helping our plant nations to survive & thrive!

Order your Lakota Honey Lodge products today!

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Authentic, hand-made parfleche ornaments 


$ 12.99+s/h


Hand-made by our youth, these ornaments reflect the importance of horses to the Sioux culture.  With the release of the horse to the Americas, this single event transformed the livelihood of the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.


According to our own Waniyetu Wowapi "Winter Count” In 1709 -1710, the Dakota captured a horse from the Umonhon people. This horse had its tail wrapped in red material and had eagle feathers hanging down off its tail. This was the first time we have seen this four legged relative. The name Ta Sunka Wakan, "sacred dog", was bestowed upon this relative- its name explaining, describing, and acknowledging this four legged relative.


The Lakota created horse designs explaining what had happened outside of the village. The symbols were painted on the horses by dipping ones finger into a vegetable-dye, natural paint pigment combined with a buffalo/bear fat mixture.

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